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          Bộ Lọc điều áp Metalwork

          Bộ Lọc điều áp Metalwork
          Nhà sản xuất: METALWORK

          Cung cấp bộ lọc điều áp metalwork Xuất xứ Ý.

          Seri 56, Seri 5X.

          This device combines in a single unit the functions of filtration, condensate
          separation and pressure regulation.
          It is made up of the same elements forming the filter and the regulator, so
          the performance and advantages are the same:
          • Separation of condensate and larger liquid and solid particles by
          • Three condensate drain options (RMSA, RA and SAC).
          • 360° visually inspection of the condensate level, via transport
          • Rolling diaphragm regulator, allowing maximum precision and flow
          rate, and minimal friction.
          • Compensation for upstream pressure changes.
          • Pressure relief valve.
          • Quick downstream pressure relief.
          • Padlockable push-lock knob.
          • Front and rear ports for pressure gauges, pressure switches or,
          considering the high flow rate, for use as additional filtered and
          regulated air take-off.

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