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          Level monitoring Gestra

          Thiết bị báo mức Gestra NRG 26-21
          Nhà sản xuất: GESTRA

          Type: NRG 26-21, PN40, 3/4''BSP,700/794mm
          Code: 3452144
          Service pressure

          PN 40, 32 bar at 238°C
          Mechanical connection
          NRG 26-21: Screwed G ¾ A, ISO 228
          Screw-in body: 1.4571, X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2
          Electrode rod insulation: PTFE

          NRG 26-21: approx. 1.8 kg (NRG 26-21 L=1000mm)
          Pre-amplifir NRV 2-29
          Supply voltage
          12 V DC
          Sensitivity of response
          Range 1: Water ≥ 20 µS/cm
          Range 2: Water ≥ 0.5 µS/cm
          Range 3: Fuel oil EL εr 2,3
          ≥ 0 – ≤ 7 V DC, level proportional
          1 Code switch with 6 poles for setting the measuring range
          PPO (Noryl®)
          Electrical connection
          1 Screwtype terminal strip with 3 poles, cable gland
          with integrated cable clamp M 16
          IP 65 to DIN EN 60529
          Max. admissible ambient temperature
          Max. 70 °C

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