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          Xylanh điện SMC LEFS25A-150B-R5MJT

          Electric Actuators SMC
          Manufacturer SMC

          Cung cấp Xylanh điện robot SMC.

          Your motor and driver can be used together!Manufacturers of compatible motors: 8 companies.

          -Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
          -SANYO DENKI CO., LTD.
          -Panasonic Corporation
          -FASTECH Co., Ltd.
          -YASKAWA Electric Corporation
          -OMRON Corporation
          -Rockwell Automation,Inc. (Allen-Bradley)

          Type SMC LE Series

          -Type Slider Type Series LEF.

          -High Rigidity Slider Type Series LEJ.

          -Rod Type Series LEY.

          -Guide Rod Type Series LEYG.

          List model : LEFS25A-150B-R5MJT, LEFS25A-400-R5MJT,LEFS25AA-400, LEFS25AA-600B-RA6N5, LEFS32A-500, LEFS32A-600-R36P3, LEFS32A-600-R36P3D, LEFS32B-200-R3AN1D, LEFS40A-1000-R5MJT, LEMB32UT-450W-S12N1-X1, LEMH25T-550-S32N1, LEMH32LT-450-S12N1-X1, LEPS10K-50-R86N3, LESH16RJ-100-R36N3, LEY25C-50BMU-S3AN1, LEY32A-200BML-RC6N5D, LEY32B-450B, LEY32C-300M-R16N1, LEY32C-350CL-S1AN1, LEY32C-450ML-S1AN1, LEY32LC-100C-S1AN1D, LEYG25MDAC-50-R16N3

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