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          Van tiết lưu Pisco

          Van tiết lưu Pisco
          Manufacturer: PISCO

          Cung cấp van tiết lưu PISCO.

          Van giảm áp Pisco

          Các series van tiết lưu Pisco

          Flow Controllers & Needle Valves

           1)  Flow Controller.

             -JSC (Elbow) , JSS (Free) , JSMU (Small Union Straight), JSM (Universal).

           2)  Flow Controller PP (polypropylene).

             - PJSC Elbow, PJSMU Union.

          3)   Flow Controller SUS303 Equivalent.

            - SJSC Elbow.

          4)  Orifice Flow Controller (Tamper-proof).

            - JKC Straight, JKL Elbow.

          5)  Needle (Throttle) Valve.

            - JNC Elbow, JNS Free type, JNMU Union Straight.

          6)  Needle (Throttle) Exhaust Valve.

            - ET Exhaust Throttle Valve.

          7)  Needle (Throttle) Valve PP (polypropylene).

            - PJNC Elbow, PJNMU Union Straight.

          8)  Needle (Throttle) Valve SUS316.

            - SSNC Elbow.


          9)  Orifice Fitting (Tamper-proof).

            - PC-M-orifice Mini Straight, PL-M-orifice Mini Elbow, PC-orificeStraight, PL-orificeElbow.

          10) Quick Exhaust Valve.

            - EQ-C-P-CIN-OUT-EX:Fitting-Thread-Fitting, EQ-P-C-CIN-OUT-EX:Thread-Fitting-Fitting, 

            - EQ-C-P-E IN-OUT-EX:Fitting-Thread-Needle with Silencer, EQU Union Straight Mini Silencer type,

            - EQY Union Straight Mini Port type, EQE Union Straight Mini Needle with Silencer type, 

            - EQH Cylinder direct mount, Female thread, EQH-E Cylinder direct mount, Silencer throttle.

          11) Flow Controller Brass.

            - KJSC Elbow, KJSC-1 Elbow without cover.

          12) Flow Controller Anti Spatter.

            - JSC-V-0Elbow.

          13) Needle (Throttle) Valve Brass.

            - KJNC Elbow, KJNC-1 Elbow without cover.

          14) 2 Stage Flow Controller

            - BJSU Union Straight, BJSB Bracket.

          15) Slot-head Flow Controller.

            - JSDC Elbow, JSDS Free type

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